Six Reasons why Acupuncture helps Fremantle Spearwood

Six Reasons Why Acupuncture helps improve your health

Common conditions that can be fixed by Acupuncture in Perth


The treatment uses needles, heat, and pressure on different parts of the skin to promote overall healing. There are different forms of acupuncture such as the conventional method and also cupping.

Acupuncture has many benefits for your health. Here are the reasons why you should try acupuncture in East Fremantle.

  1. It provides lower back pain and neck relief

Relief from chronic back pain is a benefit. We are close to Spearwood so do pop in for an initial assessment.

2. Blood pressure control

Acupuncture in Fremantle South has seen many of their patient’s blood pressure getting under control after treatment. Acupuncture is beneficial in controlling blood pressure.

3. headache and migraine relief

There is rarely a treatment that helps provide relief to migraine patients. Acupuncture causes the blood to flow in the tissues to increase when small vessels around the area of the needle dilate. This increases blood circulation which provides relief for headaches and migraines.

4. Stress relief.

Hamilton Hill Acupuncture Clinic shows a significant reduction in stress levels in patients who come for treatment. An associate professor of nursing at Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies Dr Ladan Eshkevari says, “Many practitioners of acupuncture have observed that this ancient practice can reduce stress in their patients, but there is a lack of biological proof of how or why this happens”.

5. Dental pain relief

Dental pain is unbearable, especially when it impacts all of your facial muscles. Acupuncture in Hilton is known to provide dental pain relief by stabilizing the points of contact between the teeth with an oral splint or mouthguard

6.No side effects

One of the most important aspects of acupuncture is that it is a completely natural treatment. Therefore, it comes with absolutely no side effects and anyone can experience the benefits of this amazing treatment. Patients coming for acupuncture in Beaconsfield say the top reason that they chose this treatment is because of the advantage it has overtaking pain-relieving prescription medications that the body may or may not accept.


Acupuncture is a treatment that can provide many health benefits to your body. It is such a great pain relief method with absolutely zero side effects. All of these features of acupuncture make it one of the most popular pain relief treatments around the world.

Experience the benefits of acupuncture in Fremantle by booking an appointment today. It is sure to provide much relief to your body and heal it in many ways. Whether you are suffering from migraines or osteoarthritis, the benefits of doing acupuncture treatment cannot be underestimated.

Six Reasons why Acupuncture helps Fremantle Spearwood

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