Herbal medicine clinic Fremantle WA to clear your channels

Herbal medicine clinic Fremantle WA to clear your channels for better health and well-being.

Call 0452 109 574 for an appointment or Email info@beaconsfieldacupunctureandchinesemedicine.com.au. Fremantle Acupuncture and Massage Clinic is located in PO Box 14, Pilling Pl, Beaconsfield WA 6162.

Herbal medicine clinic Fremantle to clear your channels

Nurturing our life force with Massage Coogee

Your body is like a river? It certainly is and it is full of channels big and small that carry our bodily fluid to our many organs, the water we drink and the food we eat travels through the body nurturing our life force, all things change on a daily basis in our body. The water in our body today is different to yesterday, the juice we drink today is not the same as yesterday. Liquid intake is vital to our body. If we put bad liquids into our system like alcohol then that will have a negative impact on our health. 

Clean Water

Good liquids are like clean water, and lots of this is always good for our river system It is important to have good liquids in your body. Sometimes we eat meat, sometimes vegetables and sometimes fruit. Buy fresh; raw is good. Bad food is foods that are fatty, fried and processed. These are not good for us as they clog up our rivers with debris like fat and can cause many illnesses. 

Air we breath

The air we breathe is important; smoke and fumes make us sick. Common sources of bad air are smoke from coal, cigarette smoke and car fumes. If you want to improve your health, you must understand that the rivers that flow through your body have to be kept clean. We can achieve this by making sure that the liquids, food and air we breathe are good for our bodies. How can we help? We can get an indication of your health by looking at your tongue, your skin, your eyes and feeling your pulse.

Visit a Holistic Health care professional

The state of your inner rivers can be detected by our holistic health care professional. Acupuncture helps to improve your bodily functions by stimulating anatomic sites. These acupuncture points, as they are commonly called when stimulated, help to bring the body back to balance. In simple terms, sometimes debris collects on round bends in rivers. If this debris is not cleared, then slowly, the river will get clogged and even become stagnant. If the debris is cleared then the river flows smoothly. Massage also helps by clearing tension from our body and by improving our blood flow.

Benefits of visiting a holistic healthcare professional

Holistic health is an incredibly fascinating and comprehensive approach to life. It takes into account a multitude of broad aspects of wellness. It is a philosophy that recognises the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic health emphasises the importance of addressing all these facets in order to achieve optimal well-being.

We create balance with our holistic wellness approach

We consider the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of clients’ beings. Therefore, our holistic health approach seeks to create a harmonious balance that promotes overall wellbeing. 

What is the key aspect of this approach? Well, we recognise and acknowledge the entirety of a person’s being. This means going beyond just considering their physical well-being. We also take into account their mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. 

The client is also part of treatment plans

We let our clients play a crucial role in their own health decisions and healing processes. Therefore, they can actively engage in taking charge of their well-being. This includes making informed choices that prioritise wellness and adopting a lifestyle that promotes overall health and vitality. 

By actively participating in their own healthcare journey, clients can empower themselves to make decisions that align with their personal values and goals. This ultimately leads to a more holistic and fulfilling approach to their well-being.

Our treatments have stood the test of time 

Holistic approaches to health have stood the test of time and are incredibly valuable in our modern world. These approaches are designed to not only address physical ailments but also promote overall well-being and prevent the onset of diseases. 

By adopting a holistic approach, clients can tap into the wisdom of ancient healing practises. And this allows them to achieve higher levels of wellness and lead a more fulfilling life. 

What are the elements of our holistic treatment methods

The following strategies are examples of these approaches:

Traditional medical systems have been practised for centuries and have deep roots in various cultures around the world. These systems encompass a wide range of practises.

Mind-body-spirit interventions refer to a wide range of practises and techniques that aim to promote holistic well-being by

When it comes to addressing various issues and challenges in life, there are numerous approaches that individuals can explore. Two such approaches that have gained significant attention and recognition are manipulative approaches. 

Biological-based therapies, also known as biologic therapies, are a rapidly evolving field in the medical world. 

Energy therapies are a diverse and fascinating field that encompasses a wide range of practises and techniques aimed at promoting healing and well-being. 

The combined effect is amazing 

Most of these approaches are commonly used in conjunction with one another. We also combine them with conventional medicine to offer a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach. By doing so, we can promote overall well-being and optimal health. By embracing a diverse range of approaches, we aid in making informed decisions and choices that align with their unique needs and preferences.

We are close to the following suburbs

The acupuncture clinic is close to Coogee, North Coogee, North Lake, South Lake, Success, Wattleup and Yangebup. Hamilton Hill, Fremantle, South Fremantle, East Fremantle Beaconsfield, Atwell, Aubin Grove, Banjup, Beeliar, Bibra Lake, Cockburn Central. Coolbellup, Hammond Park, Henderson, Jandakot, Leeming, Munster.

Please feel free to contact us, a visit to us is stress-free. Parking is free.

Call 0452 109 574 for an appointment or Email info@beaconsfieldacupunctureandchinesemedicine.com.au

Postal address PO box 14 Pilling Pl, Beaconsfield, WA 6162.

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