Herbal Medicine Center near Spearwood WA

Herbal Medicine Center near Spearwood WA


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How does herbal medicine work? A present for a loved one this Christmas.

Before the advent of modern medical science, most civilizations around the globe relied on herbal medicine to cure both mild and severe illnesses. Today, more and more people are turning to herbal medicine, looking for relief from various conditions ranging from depression to allergies.

 Herbal medical practitioners focus on treating the underlying conditions of each patient rather than merely addressing the symptoms. Herbal Medicine Center near Spearwood WA

What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine clinic Fremantle to clear your channels

Herbal medical practitioners use different parts of plants in varying combinations. They rely on thousands of years of experience from previous generations and some clinical data backed by trials. Other features of each plant can have varying uses. 

Depending on your condition, your herbalist will give you various infusions to drink or use compresses on the affected area. Some use herbal baths, oil and steam inhalation to cure illnesses. Generally, there are no side effects of herbal medicine treatment. After all, it is a gentle science that works with the body to heal. 

Types of conditions that answer to herbal medicine

Herbal medicine can help you find relief from a large number of illnesses. But here are some of the common ailments that herbalists effectively treat. 

· Fatigue

· Digestive problems

· Joint and bone conditions

· Hormonal imbalance

· Rheumatoid arthritis

· Migraine and some neurological issues

· Respiratory issues

· Allergies

Initial consultation

When you first go for a consultation, your medical herbalist will ask you many questions about your medical history, diet, and lifestyle. Herbal Medicine will help them to get an in-depth understanding of your overall health. You should reveal your entire medical history. They may also take your blood pressure and get some lab tests done. Once the practitioner determines the root causes of your illness, they will design a treatment plan. Your treatment plan will combine herbal remedies, physical care, and dietary changes. 

Herbal Medicine Center Fremantle is near Hamilton Hill Hilton, Spearwood and Coogee

Follow up consultations

Call 0452 109 574 for an appointment or Email info@beaconsfieldacupunctureandchinesemedicine.com.au

Relax and enjoy Fremantle, WA’s Healing City.


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